Who are we?

Irene Schubert, PhD
Expert veterinarian with a doctorate in laboratory animal sciences
FELASA category D
Karin Larsen
Expert animal technician with many years of surgical experience
FELASA category B
Charlotte Mehlin Sørensen
Associate professor and leading the laboratory of renal hemodynamics 
Expert in renal hemodynamics and blood pressure
FELASA category C
Morten Bækgaard Thomsen
Associate professor and leading the laboratory of cardiac electrophysiology
Expert in electrocardiography
FELASA category C

The steering committee is assembled of key stakeholders, and is presented in the About the Telemetry Unit-section

About the FELASA categories:

Appropriate education and training of all those engaged in the use of live vertebrate animals for scientific purposes is required by both the Council of Europe (Convention ETS 123, Article 26) and the European Union (Council Directive 86/609/EEC, Article 14). FELASA has elaborated these requirements in practical detail, for this purpose dividing those involved into 4 Categories (although these Categories need not be mutually exclusive):

Category A: Persons taking care of animals

Category B: Persons carrying out animal experiments

Category C: Persons responsible for directing animal experiments

Category D: Laboratory animal science specialists.

Note: The FELASA categories (A-->D) are different from the functions described in the 2013 EU directive. Unfortunately, the EU functions are also designated by letters:

Function A: Carrying out procedures on animals

Function B: Designing procedures and projects

Function C: Taking care of animals

Function D: Killing animals