We have two independent, flexible and fully functional setups: 

Setup for mice

The state-of-the-art equipment is from DSI and the infrastructure allows recordings from 8 mice simultaneously. We have the following implants:

Picture showing the available mouse telemeterThe setup contains 8 dedicated antennas which receive the signal from the implants. Next, the data is sent to a desktop computer placed in an adjacent room where it is recorded in LabChart software.

Setup for rats

This setup is from Kaha Sciences. The advantage of this system is that in addition to recording physiological parameters continuously, the implants are also recharged during experiments. We have the following implants:

Picture of the available rat telemeterThe setup contains 8 smart pads that receive the signal from the implants, but also recharges the battery of the implant. The signal is converted to an analogue signal by the smart pad and we record this signal via a PowerLab using LabChart software.